A Conversation with Julia Hensley

at the opening of “BLACKgreyWHITE”

Gage Academy of Art’s Steel Gallery

Event Date: Friday August 2, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (Conversation at 7 pm)

1501 10th Avenue East

The Vermillion conversations remain on hiatus until September. Bur we’re continuing with a set of one-off conversations throughout the summer. Next up is a discussion I’ll be having with Julia Hensley as part of the exhibit she put together as guest curator at Gage.

In the show, black and white works are linked by gray works in a structured installation, with new work by Amy-Ellen Flatchestedmama Trefsger, Counsel Langley, Robert Hardgrave, Troy Gua, Cable Griffith, Anne Blackburn, Sharon Arnold, and Hensley herself.

Julia and I will engage a conversation about the following:

Artist statements, curator notes, wall texts, visitor guides, and reviews each serve a purpose, but how does their presence affect how we encounter visual art? What is the relationship of written and spoken language to silent, visual language; and how do words influence both the viewer’s experience and the artist’s process?

Do come.

Julia Hensley is a visual artist and visual arts educator currently exploring themes of space, technology and trash in a range of media. Trained at Boston University, Hensley’s work has shown at galleries including Paul Thiebaud Gallery in San Francisco and Foster White Gallery in Seattle.

To link to this notice: https://boylanconversation.wordpress.com/

To link to the exhibit notice: http://www.gageacademy.org/events/?page=current&type=5


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