The Conversations This Fall

Hi All,

I hope you all have had a wonderful summer. Autumn is fast approaching, and for me, that means a return to the bar at Vermillion, and a new season of conversations. Here is what I have in store for the coming months. Conversations are at 7 pm; details will be forthcoming. (The dates are fixed; the subjects might change, but probably not.)

As always:

This roundtable conversation series happens at Vermillion, an art gallery, bar, and neighborhood gathering place at 1508 11th Ave, Seattle ( For more information on the series, call John Boylan at 206-601-9848. If you want to link to this announcement, you can do so at

A history of the conversations is available at

September 17: “Making Music.” There are many thousands of ways one might approach this topic; it is, of course, huge. For this conversation, I want to explore the passionate edge between formal composition, classical music, experimentation, and the latest trends in popular music. For guests, I currently have the impressive Hanna Benn and Evan Flory Barnes; I’m looking for two more.

October 15: “Wildness.” Thoreau’s quote is famous: “In wildness in the preservation of the world.” I think he’s right, but it does suggest a question: “What is wildness?” We tentatively have artist Susan Robb as a guest; I’m working now on formalizing the full list.

November 19: “The Artist as Entrepreneur.” I’m thinking that more and more, especially with traditional arts funding sources stretched to the bone, we are seeing artists creating projects that function a lot like small businesses. They’re entrepreneurial, risk taking. How does all that work, and how does the entrepreneurial activity affect the art? The first guest is Joselynn Engstrom, managing director of the Acrobatic Conundrum; I’m getting others.

December 17: something about food. Stay tuned.

Best Regards,



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