The conversations are off for the summer

Hello Everyone,

Attentive readers of these conversation announcements may have noticed a shortage of them over the past couple of months. This has been a tired season for conversations, I’m afraid. Now, as we always do, we’re calling it quits for the summer. Go outside and stay there as much as you can!

It will be a good time for the conversations to regroup, and we’re planning an exceptionally fascinating topic for September, with more to come.

Meanwhile, I’m consumed with work on the Big Project many of you have already heard about, 9e2. We’ll be staging 9 evenings (and days) of art, science, and technology, running from October 21 through 29. The event will commemorate a half century since “9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering” was held in New York City, while at the same time exploring, investigating, and celebrating the interplay between art, science, and technology in the 21st century.

We’ll have performances, installations, exhibit, conversations, working with neuroscience, big data, biotech, ecology, virtual and augmented reality, and more. The whole thing is on track to be one of the most amazing events of the year.

You can learn more at If you want to get updates, subscribe to the 9e2 blog (and be sure to add your email in the box at the bottom of the site home page.) I won’t be sending out any updates to this list, which is mostly just for the conversations. And if you want to support the project or otherwise get involved, feel free to get in touch with me directly. I would love to hear from you.

Hoping you have a wonderful summer.





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